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Hemera future company is located in Middle East-the center of fossil fuel production, in the world which also feeds the global carbon based chemical industry. Chemical production as the industry of industries has an enormous impact on environment and health of global society. Today's environmental circumstances has made an essential need for change in traditional production ways in all industrial areas which is a tremendous growth opportunity for chemical industry. Most of governments give prominence to GHG reduction and circular economy solutions and sustainability in many aspects. So in the very near future these opportunities and restrictions will come up with breakthrough innovations to reduce the carbon footprint and optimize the cost and raw material usage in industries. This innovations are expanding every day like using biotech in battery manufacturing which helps the battery energy density and efficiency and other materials with improved performance or incremental improvement in nanotechnology.
Here in Hemera CSR is at the center of everything we do. Providing best services to our clients with being responsive and transparent about policies and procedures is on the top of our priorities. A certain portion of the annual profit is dedicated to develop green policies by supporting and investing in green ecologically sustainable products and educating staff and clients about importance of sustainability and environmental hazards.


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